The love of Chinese culture is in their DNA at Alk Travel Creators.

Alk Travel Creators is an essential part of organising the annual study trip to China with our final-year industrial engineering students. The love that CEO Geert (himself a qualified Sinologist) has for this wonderful country, his many contacts and local knowledge, as well as the presence of Alk Travel Creators, are all invaluable for interpreting and implementing our constantly changing needs to perfection. Alk Travel Creators is the ideal partner for breaking through Western clichés, discovering culture and trends and generally keeping the organisation on the right track.


A region that you discover with personal service lets you experience it that little bit more.

In 2018 and 2019, we travelled with around 20 retired municipal secretaries from Limburg to spend a few days stretching our legs in Normandy and the Moselle. The well-filled programme of sightseeing and the smooth, customer-friendly and personal service of Alk Travel Creators provided us with an extremely enjoyable travel experience. Well done!


Angelic patience and service with a smile. That’s something you can always count on at Alk Travel Creators.

Each year, our Zilveren Passer 23 group takes a three-day trip with some 30 to 35 ladies. Our permanent travel creator always finds the ideal destination, with plenty of exciting cultural activities. It takes account of less mobile ladies with special dietary requirements and so on. Nothing is left to chance – and even for unexpected problems there is always a plan B. Which is why the Boelvaar Bridgeclub now also calls on Alk Travel Creators for its annual holiday.


Paris, city of light. Always a source of inspiration, not only for big thinkers.

To travel safely to Paris with 130 final-year secondary school students for two days, you need a lot of experience, efficiency and organisational skills. Which is exactly what we find with the experts at Alk Travel Creators. They always provide our students (and teachers) with an excursion that is both relaxing and full of learning. Discovering the many facets of a global city is so thrilling and always goes faultlessly.


Gaining inspiration is our goal and a lasting impression the result.

First, we went on an inspirational tour to China with some 40 independent supermarket operators. And a year later we visited New York with a 2-day stopover in Iceland. Everything was organised totally by Alk Travel Creators. What a professional agency! The concept, organisation, escorting, excursions, the experience and group bonding: all real eye-openers.


Having professional knowledge that enables you to travel and explore without any worries is a great asset.

We have been travelling since 2002 with a group that varies between 25 and 45 people to some of the more unusual long-haul destinations. Our programme is always geared to the needs of the participants. Preparation, local amenities and guides are always perfect. And if something unexpected happens (such as the volcanic eruption in Iceland in 2010), the team from Alk Travel Creators will provide the ideal solution. So you keep on enjoying yourself.


Our customers are always eagerly looking forward to our next trip.

Alk Travel Creators has been our partner for many years for the skiing and personalised events with which we reward 10 to 80 of our customers. They need to be able to relax and enjoy themselves, without a care in the world. Alk Travel Creators understands that need like no other. We’re treated like royalty. The agency does everything for us, starting with a good plan, followed by professional organisation, from A to Z. We couldn’t wish for more.


We have different experiences and the organisation is always perfect.

Moselle, Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Reims, Lille, Koblenz… these are just some of the excursions that have given such great pleasure to our group of 18 retired former work colleagues, thanks to Alk Travel Creators. Having fun together enjoying exceptional experience, good food and drink, etc. Our trips with Alk Travel Creators means that we always stay connected.


All of our travel experiences with Alk Travel Creators are first class.

We’ve travelled with around 25 participants on trips to Crete, Croatia and Malta, plus a prospection trip to Lebanon. Our best experience? They were all truly fantastic experiences. The fun began when we got to the meeting point at the airport and we were still enjoying ourselves long after we were back home. And our partners and customers are still sharing hilarious stories about the trip!

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