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Our beautiful story began back in 1979. Starting off with 1 coach, Valère Gaens and his wife Mia began a new business in Alken’s Kapelstraat. It was back then that Belgians were just discovering the pleasures of travel in their droves. Valère cleverly took advantage of this and, in 1983, Alk Reizen received its official licence to operate as a travel agency. The business grew quickly and soon needed more space. So, in 1986, Alk Reizen relocated to 170 De Steenweg in Alken.

From a young age, sons Geert and Rik felt totally at home in the travel industry and in 1995 they joined the company. Their passion and knowledge of the trade enabled our travel agency to continue growing and flourishing. As time went by, they focused more and more on creating and organising trips tailored for the needs of companies, associations, clubs and private individuals. By now, customers wanted more than just a standard package. Much more. So in 2020, Alk Reizen became Alk Travel Creators. Specialists with a huge amount of expertise in creating unique travel experiences, personalised for each customer. This is where your own special travel experience begins.

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Mia & Valère Gaens