Travel today is not like it was back in 1978. These days, we book all of our trips and flights online and we reserve hotels from our easy chair – and so on. At the moment, Covid-19 is proving to be a temporary game-changer, but that won’t stop us from looking forward to a great future. So the time is ripe to put Alk Reizen firmly on the map by changing our name and our current form. But don’t worry. This is evolution, not a revolution!

We have grown into a company that does much more than just take people on holiday. We create trips, organise everything and follow up the details. We plan creative and original experiences. Totally customised and perfectly organised, from A to Z. This big wide world holds no secrets for our travel experts. We can also discuss service and customer-focused thinking and acting. It’s what makes us different. Which is why we have decided to depart on the next phase of our journey as ALK TRAVEL CREATORS. Because, yes, we create journeys specially for you.